Why is Porcelain so popular these days?? (2022 Update)

Why is Porcelain so popular these days?? (2022 Update)

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Many of you from the Paving world must have heard and worked with Outdoor Porcelain Paving lately and we see a lot of home owners asking for porcelain these days. Why is it gaining sudden popularity lately?

Why do people prefer it now over natural sandstone, granite or concrete?

Stain Resistance: Many home owners with young children and pets spend a fortune for a garden makeover especially Paving and hate to see stains which are sometimes practically impossible to clean. However on Porcelain, it can be easily wiped using a cloth or even a wet wipe anything including oil. The lightest colour of our Porcelain range Bianco Cream was easily wiped clean even after spilling red wine!!

Fade Resistance: Most of the Natural stone especially limestone fades and weathers with age, some people use sealants on top for maintaining colour however on Porcelain this is not required at all as it is fade resistant and the Paving continues to look the same in years to come.

Anti slip Resistance: All our Porcelain products have a Vitrified pressed surface to give a slight texture which gives it an Anti slip resistance against weather conditions especially in the U.K with damn weather most of the time.

Scratch Resistant: Lot of people always complain about heavy cast iron patio furniture leaving scratches after use or scratches from general wear & tear. Because of its vitrified nature, it is scratch free even from heavy wear & tear.

Uniform Colour: Over the years of working in Natural Stone industry, we've had few customers asking for uniformity in colour of their product which is practically impossible on Natural Stone. Porcelain is now our answer to those wish to have a very uniform colour through out the patio.

Easy Maintenance: It is a very easy and low maintenance Patio space as doesn't need any sealing or grouting every couple of years.
Along with these factors, the other thing we think is a pro is its Contemporary Style, it looks very modern and luxurious and adds a touch of sophistication to any garden.

Still unsure? Check out what our office manager has to say about porcelain paving - 

If you have any questions regarding porcelain paving or paving in general, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 047 0427 or email us on sales@pavingstones.co.uk.

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