Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I need 2.4 packs to match my measurements, do you split packs?

Answer 1: We can split packs to match your precise measurements, we always recommend ordering a bit extra usually 10% to allow wastages and breakages. We do charge a Split Pack fee of £25.00.

Question 2: Do you provide a laying guide?

Answer 2: We provide a standard laying guide with all our products which can be found on our website ( It can be emailed across if needed too.

Question 3: Do you sell samples as I am not sure about the color?

Answer 3: We send out samples of all the products we sell. We charge £4.99 for postage of the sample. This will be refunded towards your order if you purchase from us later.

Question 4: How many days does it take for delivery?

Answer 4: Delivery is 2 working days after dispatch. Orders are dispatched the next working day after placing the order.

Question 5: What time will my delivery be?

Answer 5: Deliveries are done by third party hauliers between 8 am and 6 pm.

Question 6: Can I have the pallets delivered to my back garden/driveway?

Answer 6: All deliveries are done by third party hauliers, using a tail-gate and pump-lift, it is a kerbside drop only.

Question 7: My road is very narrow and tight with parked cars even though there is no access restriction, can you deliver on a smaller vehicle?

Answer 7: All our deliveries are done by third party on an 18.5 tonne lorry, for narrow and tighter road we can request the deliveries to be made on smaller 7.5 tonne lorry which will cost £10.00 additional per pallet.

Question 8: Do you offer a Premium/Nominated day Service for Delivery?

Answer 8: We offer a next day and nominated day service with an AM/PM time slot request for additional money. Please check the surcharge before placing the order.

Question 9: Is it a Hi-Ab/Crane Delivery?

Answer 9: No, our deliveries are on pallet truck using tail-gate and pump-lift assist and not craned vehicles.

Question 10: Does someone need to sign for delivery?

Answer 10: We recommend someone is at the property to inspect the goods and sign for the delivery or we can ask the driver to leave them unsigned on kerbside with prior contact.

Question 11: My pallet is smashed during delivery or in transit, should I accept the delivery?

Answer 11: If the pallet is completely broken, please give us a call immediately and make sure you sign on the proof of delivery of the damage. Depending on the extent of damage, we will be able to send you a replacement pallet or offer partial refund if damage is minimal – this is purely casewise.

Question 12: What is the difference between 560 and 600 series?

Answer 12: 560 series is 5 size Pack, the sizes are 840×560, 560×560, 560×420, 560×280, 280×280, 600 Series is 4 Size Pack with 900x600, 600x600, 600x290 and 290x290. The quality and touch & feel of the stone is the same except for sizes.

Question 13: What is the difference between Hand cut and Calibrated?

Answer 13: Natural Stone comes naturally from earth in big blocks, a stone merchant splits it by using hammer and chisel. All the blocks that go in between 18-25 mm are sold as part of our Hand Cut range, anything else that are really thick goes through a machine finish so the extra thickness is trimmed off and it’ll be nominal thickness of 22 mm with +/- 2mm making it easier for laying.

Question 14: What is the difference between Sawn Edge and Chisel Edge?

Answer 14: Sawn Edge is a Machine cut giving it nice straight edges for a very modern and contemporary look, Chisel Edge is hand dressed or a more natural looking patios.

Question 15: Which way to laying the stone?

Answer 15: The straight edge should always be to the top and the chamfered edge should always face the bottom. If you are not sure, please view our laying guide:

Question 16: Can you guarantee the color that is shown on photos?

Answer 16: The color can never be guaranteed on Natural Stone. The photos are used only for Reference Purpose. The color on the photos will depend on the time of day and weather conditions when it was captured, the color of the jointing compound and even concrete base sometimes and also if a sealant is applied on it.

Question 17: I need a Hi-AB Delivery because my property is on a hill, can this be arranged?

Answer 17: A Hi-AB Delivery could be arranged possibly at an extra price as deliveries are all done by 3rd party company.

Question 18: How to I clean Natural Stone Patio?

Answer 18: Cleaning should be done twice a year at least with Algae Cleaner. You can buy this cleaning product from us: www.pavingstones.aftercare (link to product)

Question 19: How to wash Natural Stone?

Answer 19: Natural Stone only needs pressure wash.

Question 20: Do I need to seal the product?

Answer 20: Sealing Natural Stone is completely customer’s preference. Sealing will minimize cleaning and protect the stone against weather conditions and dirt. www.pavingstones.aftercare (link to product)

Question 21: How long do I need to wait to seal the patio?

Answer 21: We usually recommend 4-6 weeks after the stones has been laid if you want to seal it as the natural salts make their way out of the stone. Make sure it is applied dry weather condition. www.pavingstones.aftercare (link to product)

Question 22: What is the recommended gap in between the slabs?

Answer 22: The recommend gap is 15 mm or width of person’s finger when laying.

Question 23: How do we point the slabs with compound in between?

Answer 23: We recommend using a resin based Jointing Compound as it’s easier to lay and frost resistant. We stock a jointing compound that can be found here: www.pavingstones.aftercare (link to product)