Split Packs

  • We can split packs so you can purchase the exact amount needed than order extra on full packs to avoid wastage on all our Product range except the 560 Series 5 mixed size Paving on Riven Paving Category.
  • We usually charge a Split Pack fee of £25.00 per pack, this will allow us to bring your pack from Warehouse to a separate yard to split up, pack them on to a new crate and pack them ready for your dispatch.
  • These Split Packs are custom orders for yourself.
  • We only Split packs by Meters and not by the number of individual slabs on Mixed Size packs.
  • Split Pack delivery cost is always same as the full packs as deliveries are done by a 3rd party Courier.
  • Specific size split packs can be purchased only on phone currently, so please call us on 0800 047 0427 to order.