What is Calibrated Indian Sandstone?

What is Calibrated Indian Sandstone?

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Indian Sandstone Calibrated

If you are in the industry or have started to do some research for your new garden patio, you will have more than likely come across the term ‘calibrated’ being thrown about when discussing paving slabs and especially when Indian sandstone is mentioned, so we thought we would shed some much needed light on what it means and the process involved.

What is Calibrated

Calibration is the process of the Indian sandstone that has been ‘shaved’ down to a defined thickness, ensuring that it has fairly regular and even depth which helps improve the overall process of laying the slabs in a patio.

How are paving slabs calibrated?

For Indian sandstone paving slab to become calibrated, it is placed on a machine which has saw blades set to a defined depth. The slab is then ran through the machine with the saw blades, which are diamond tipped to give them the strength to cut through the stone slab. The blades cut grooves into the slab which leaves a series of ridges which run up the total length of the slab. These are then chiselled of which creates the calibration, providing a constantly even thickness.

Watch the process

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance, check out our short video below which showcases the machine used in this process.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything paving related, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 047 0427 or email us on sales@pavingstones.co.uk.

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