Cheap Paving for Sale

Cheap Paving for Sale

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It’s no surprise that, when you start looking to update your garden patio with some fresh paving, one of the most important deciding factors is price. Due to this pivotal factor, it’s a common occurrence for us to get questions regarding the price of our products, especially the likes of ‘What’s the cheapest option you do?’

So to help all of our customers, we thought we would put together a small post that goes into a bit of detail regarding our prices and cheap paving for sale

What is the cheapest paving option?

So, jumping right into the deep end with the main question. As a rule of thumb, natural stone such as sandstone tends to be the cheaper paving option but this has slowly been changing over the past few years due to circumstances affecting shipping and distribution. This means you can now purchase paving options such as porcelain for the same price or slightly cheaper than natural stone.

At this point (14/09/2021) we are unsure if this will revert once circumstances affecting shipping and distribution begin to return to normality. We also cannot discount the fact that a big factor in price is the store itself. At Paving Stones Direct, we strive to ensure all our prices are as competitive as possible, so it is easy to assume that in one store, natural stone costs more than porcelain in another such as Paving Stones Direct.

What's cheaper? Slabs or Concrete?

Another common question we often get asked and quite an easy one to answer. Natural Stone and Porcelain slabs are usually the cheaper option compared to stamped concrete slabs. This is due to the process involved in creating the concrete option and adding any patterns to the slab which requires ‘Stamping’.

Which is cheaper? Slabs or Block Paving?

This question is almost identical to the previous but isn’t as simple due to the comparison between standard paving slabs and block paving. Block paving is significantly smaller than a paving stone so this means, on a one 2 one basis, block paving is cheaper but to get a true accurate figure, the price needs to be worked out based on m2 needed.

When worked out this way, most people will find that there isn’t much difference in cost. So the deciding factor becomes, which one looks the best for you?

Bonus Question: How much does it cost to get paving installed?

One of the more common questions we are asked is, once you have chosen your perfect patio paving, how much does it usually cost to be installed? Unfortunately, this question isn’t as straightforward as some of the others. There are many factors involved in what may affect the price such as - 

  • Type of paving - This may affect the price as the type of paving chosen may increase the complexity of laying the slab such as the different techniques between natural stone and porcelain paving.
  • M2 coverage - The size of the required patio will directly affect the length of the job to lay the paving. Smaller patios tend to not be charged as much as larger patios, so this is something bare in mind.

While short but sweet, we hope this post will help to answer any nagging questions around which paving options are the cheapest and help you make the best decision for you and your garden.

If you have any other questions surrounding cheap paving for sale or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 047 0427 or email us on

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