3.6m Platinum Composite Decking

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Our new and improved Platinum composite decking offers both versatile and beauty, allowing you to get creative in your outdoor space. Composite decking is easy to install for both professionals and inexperienced homeowners. It needs a minimal maintenance across its lifetime.

Our composite deck boards are supplied with a reversible design, featuring attractive wood grain on one side and textured ridges on the other.

No returns on decking.

Board Dimensions: 3.6m x 145mm x 21mm

Platinum Composite Decking in Highlight

  • Strong and Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Barefoot Safe
  • Slip Resistant
  • Ethical Choice

Please click for - Composite Decking Declaration of Performance

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  • 50 decking boards
  • 40 decking boards
  • 30 decking boards
  • 20 decking boards
  • 10 decking boards
  • 1 decking board

Get a Sample

SKU 00498
Sample Orders Samples are a 100x100 sample cut from a full board and is to be used as a reference only as batches can vary colour. Please contact us for any further questions.
Warranty Composite Decking (Hollow) 10 Year Warranty
Thickness 21mm
Size 3.6m x 145mm x 21mm
Cover One board covers 0.522 m2
Material Composite decking (Hollow)

Composite decking is designed for maximum durability and won’t crack, split or warp in the way that traditional timber deck boards do. Composite deck boards are stronger and denser than timber and are designed to withstand the elements while maintaining both looks and structure.

Our lightweight composite deck boards have no splinters or rough edges, making them ideal for homes with bare feet and pets, and the weather-resistant construction protects them from extremes of rain or snow.

*** At Paving Stones Direct, we strive to provide customers with high-quality decking materials for their outdoor spaces. However, it is important to note that extreme heat can have an impact on the structural integrity of decking. Composite decking does have a better heat resistance in comparison to their plastic and wood counterparts, making it a more robust option for your area, however, this does not mean that composite doesn't warp and we cannot be held responsible for warping caused by heat. With installations we advise to install each board properly with the right amount of clips and the correct frame underneath to support it without putting to much strain on the boards which can lead towards warping during the hotter periods when the boards become more flexible with the heat. We genuinely care about your satisfaction and are available to provide guidance, but we urge customers to understand that external factors, such as intense heat conditions, can contribute to warping. We value your trust and remain committed to delivering reliable and durable decking.

To provide universal composite decking solution for all types of installation. The grooved side provides a better non-slip surface.

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If you are unsure about the colour, touch & feel, texture etc – please order for a sample before ordering about the product.

Deliveries: All our deliveries are done via a pump truck. Using a tail-lift, they off load it on to a flat, hard surfaced kerb side only.


Composite Decking Warranty

Paving Stones Direct Decking Warranty

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Dec - Composite Decking Hollow

Declaration - Composite Decking - Hollow

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