Simply Joint - Buff 25Kg - 2 Part Resin Heavy Duty

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Jointing Resin Grout - 2 part resin that can be mixed easily.

Note: Please note that Simply Joint should only be applied when temperature is 5° or more for 12 hours from applying.

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£ 45.00 tax incl.

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Weight (kg) 25 Kg
Coverage 15 m2 (depending on joint gaps)

SIMPLY JOINT - 25 Kilo - 2 Part Resin Grout - Buff

Simply Joint application:

Please make sure all stone surface for any kind of stone eg. Porcelain or Natural Stone is cleaned thoroughly prior to applying simply joint. 
After simply joint has been applied, please take note of outdoor temperature as this can delay the curing time. Clean all sand and excess resin from the surface of the stone after 30-45 minutes. In hotter conditions this may be reduced to 15-20 minutes. You can apply a second light spray of water and remove with a soft brush. 
Please ensure no one walks on the paved area for a minimum of 24 hours after application and whilst carrying out the jointing compound application clean footwear must be worn to avoid staining on the paving.

Important Information

Free Delivery to most of mainland England . Apart from Wales/Scotland and some parts of London & extreme south east and west postcodes. Please call us 01909 768760 or email for a quick inquiry whether you qualify for free delivery we normally respond in 20 minutes.

If you are unsure about the colour, touch & feel, texture etc – please order for a sample before ordering about the product.

Deliveries: All our deliveries are done via a pump truck. Using a tail-lift, they off load it on to a flat, hard surfaced kerb side only.

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